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Starters and soups
0,33l Soup of the day 35,-
1 Ks Gulash soup in bread 95,-/45,-
100g Roasted chicken livers with rosemary, toast 85,-
80g Beef carpaccio with rocket and parmesan 165,-
1Ks Grilled spicy sausage (mustard, horseradish, bread) 95,-
200g Cheese and meet plate (by the daily menu) 175,-
100g Salad with grilled chicken, bacon and garlic dressing 145,-
100g Baked goat’s cheese wrapped in bacon on a green salad with beetroot and croutons 169,-
150g Mixed salad with feta cheese 85,-
Something to beer
150g Headbread with onion and vinegar, Bread 85,-
150g Toast with meat mixture 120,-
600g Spicy chicken wings with BBQ and garlic dip 155,-
500g Pork ribs baked in honey and chilli, bread 180,-
1 Ks Roasted pork knuckle with horseradish and mustard 295,-
100g Fried Cheddar cheese 120,-
150g/200g Beef tartare with toast 210,-/290,-
Czech cuisine
1/4 Stewed duck leg with red cabbage and dumlings 210,-
200g Typical Czech sauce on cream with duplings (svick’s sauce) 180,-
200g Beef goulash with dumplings (beef shin) 165,-
250g Homemade potate gnocchi with creamy spinach and chicken 155,-
200g Fried chicken cutlet / pork cutlet 135,-
Meat from the grill
250g Grilled duck breast with plum sauce 180,-
400g Woodcutter pork grilled with bacon and garlic dip 210,-
200g Medaillons of pork tenderloin in bacon with greener pepper sauce 185,-
200g Pork tenderloin with bean pods and bacon 185,-
200g Chicken breast stuffed with sun dried tomatoes and cheese 175,-
200g Juicy chicken breast with herbs and roasted vegetables 175,-
200g Natural chicken slice 135,-
200g/300g Beef steak 310,-/450,-
200g Spicy meat mixture with vegetables 165,-
300g Grilled meat skewer with vegetables (chicken,pork,beef) 250,-
  Meat sauce
– with green pepper
– with mushrooms
– plum sauce
– cheese sauce
200g Grilled salmon with roasted vegetables 260,-
200g Grilled salmon with green asparagus 280,-
200g Grilled trout with roasted vegetables 210,-
200g Grilled trout with green asparagus 220,-
Side order
200g New potatoes 35,-
200g French fries 35,-
200g croquettes 35,-
200g Crushed potatoes with bacon 45,-
4Ks Potatoes pancake 65,-
150g Jasmine rise 40,-
200g Baked potatoes with sour cream 55,-
150g Grilled vegetables 65,-
150g Roasted bean pods with bacon 55,-
  Ketchup, Tartar sauce, Mustard, Dip, BBQ 20,-
  Bread 20,-
  Desserts of the day 65,-
3Ks Nougat dumplings with gingerbread, curd, seasonal fruit 85,-


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